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 About us


Swahili Gem is a development that prides itself in its exceptionally innovative architecture, 

showing its attachment to Mombasa's history by borrowing inspiration 

from the rich traditions of Swahili designs. This development

project is committed to harmonising Mombasa's

past, present and future.



An intimate development of 14 apartments, all offering breath-taking

panoramic creek views, Swahili Gem homes propose all the

luxury and comfort that our times have to offer.



With Swahili Gem, you have an exceptional opportunity to be iconic;

buying a home that combines the most innovative of

architectural designs, highest standards of product

finishes, luxurious contemporary lifestyle and, 

respect for our natural and local heritage. 



Swahili Gem homes are the epitome of

21st Century Swahili living!

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